Hipster WordPress Theme: A Spring Refresh

The Hipster WordPress theme has had a little refresh with a new design and build.

I have long felt that the Hipster WordPress theme we had, did not represent the direction I wanted to take ThemeJug in. I felt it was no longer aesthetically pleasing and I could see a lot of room for improvement both in terms of functionality and design.

With this in mind I decided to radically rebuild it and release it directly to version 2.0. If you have bought the Hipster theme v.1.0+ you will of course get the new, improved version for free. We will also still support the old version if you do still want to run that also.

Better Blogging

The Hipster theme is essentially a blogging theme, with the added addition of a separate homepage template to create a splash page design about yourself. Getting back to the basics of blogging was the fundamental direction behind the new version. I wanted to improve the typography, clear the clutter from the user interface and provide the end user with a much more simplistic and pleasant overall experience.

Responsive Design

I wanted the new version of Hipster to read well for the end user, I wanted to provide a theme that was fully responsive to improve the reading experience so it is just as good on tiny screens as it is on huge screens. Try it on your iPad or iPhone.

Retina Ready

The theme was built with high resolution or retina screens in mind, the combination of CSS3, icon fonts and retina optimised graphics really help provide a crisp and much improved reading experience.

Theme Options

As with all our WordPress themes, you get a built in options panel that allows you to customise the theme styles and functionality. In the new version of Hipster, I have included a much more comprehensive set of options that will allow you to change various colours,  images and alter certain theme functionality – the aim of this was to essentially allow you easily make the site your own by creating an entire new color scheme or skin to represent yourself.

Demo & Download

View the theme demo or view the full theme details.

April 2, 2013 by: ThemeJug Support

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